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On Thursdays we recommend an online video to study. Here is a list of videos we have studied so far:
Show 558 Telephone Conversation skippyXG Comedy, Lip-sync
Show 565 Five Little Monkeys Super Simple Songs Children's song
Show 572 my name is lisa Shelton Films Short film, Drama
Show 579 My Ex Wife somegreybloke Animation, Comedy
Show 586 Cribs Ascent Media Anim, Comedy, TV parody
Show 593 Queen's Christmas Message British Monarchy Politics, Speech
Show 607 Crush On Obama Barely Political Comedy, Music, Politics
Show 614 Corey Delaney, Party Liaison ACA Comedy, TV interview
Show 621 Tom Cruise Scientology Church of Scientology Comedy, Religion
Show 628 Obama campaign video Barack Obama Politics, Speech
Show 635 Faen! lassegg Comedy, Language
Show 642 On S'Embrasse? Pierre Oliver Short film, Drama
Show 649 Google Maps The Vacationeers Comedy, Sketch
Show 656 Instant Kiwi ad Saatchi & Saatchi NZ Comedy, Ad
Show 663 Jon Stewart Oscar monologue The Oscars Comedy, Speech
Show 670 Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!' Simon Tofield Comedy, Animation
Show 677 Top Ten - Eliot Spitzer David Letterman/CBS Comedy, TV show
Show 684 Queen - waving legacy The Onion Comedy, Satire
Show 698 About China/Tibet fp00n Politics, Vlog
Show 712 NZ Family Violence ad Families Commission Ad, Public service
Show 726 Open a jar with one hand
captaindanger384 How To
Show 733 How to spin a pencil PDave6 How To
Show 740 Social Injustice Tokyo Comedy Comedy, Sketch
Show 747 Gay/Blind KOAT Comedy, TV blooper
Show 754 Elevator - Comments Runaway Box Comedy, Sketch
Show 761 Learning languages Hikosaemon Vlog, Language
Show 768 Kindergarten memories Michael Buckley Vlog
Show 775 Teaching English in China Google/Peter Hessler Speech, Language
Show 782 Queen of Jordan Google/Queen Rania Speech, Politics
Show 789 Invading New Zealand Ad 1 2 ABC Comedy, Ads
Show 796 School of Life Jake Polonsky Short Film, Drama
Show 803 Counting in Māori Adrenalin Group How To, Song, Languages
Show 815 Wrong side of the bed Daniel Lucchesi Short film, Comedy
Show 822 Life Lessons with Jon Lajoie Jon Lajoie Comedy
Show 829 Blood and Chips Ryan Phillips Short film, Drama
Show 836 What Is Comedy? Francesco Marciuliano Comedy, Animation
Show 843 Weeds: Masturbation Lesson Showtime Comedy, TV show
Show 850 GAS CRISIS: Interviews mom4education Interviews
Show 857 Sunil TV - I'm Sorry Sunil TV Classroom, Song
Show 864 South Pacific Scene MyMyMichael Theatre, Drama
Show 871 Falling Slowly Oscar speech The Oscars Speech, Awards
Show 878 Obama wins / McCain loses Obama / C-SPAN Speeches, Politics
Show 885 Comment on gay marriage Keith Olbermann Politics, TV show
Show 899 Crackers (User made private) abu Comedy, Vlog
Show 906 Jack And The B Stalk Sesame Street Cdn's story, Animation
Show 913 Declaration of Human Rights HRAC Politics
Show 920 Afraid of Black Guys? The World Of Mozz Comedy
Show 931 51 things in my room Tonyo Vlog
Show 938 Marry Me Michelle Lehman Short film, Drama
Show 945 The Birth (User made private) Lazydork Vlog
Show 952 Abilities Arturo Perez Jr. Documentary
Show 959 Death and Taxes H&R Block Ad
Show 966 Free Doritos Doritos Ad
Show 973 Rhys Darby 2000 (No sound) Rhys Darby Comedy, Stand up
Show 980 Dustin Lance Black, Milk The Oscars Speech, Awards
Show 987 Homophones Rachel's English How To, Language
Show 994 Forrest Gump - 1 min, 1 take UYFS Short film
Show 1001 Realizations, Movie Debate Jake and Amir Comedy, Sketch
Show 1008 Punctuation Recession College Humor Comedy, Sketch
Show 1015 In, On, Under We Are Busy Beavers Children's Song
Show 1022 Storm Tim Minchin Poem
Show 1029 Susan Boyle Audition Britain's Got Talent TV show audition, Song
Show 1036 Flame War College Humor Comedy, Song
Do you have any suggestions for videos to study? Please leave a comment under a video, or email us with the link: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you to everyone who has recommended videos so far.