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On Thursdays we study a video.
Here is a list of videos we have studied so far:
Telephone Conversation - A scene from Dr Strangelove by skippyXG #558
Five Little Monkeys - Song by Super Simple Songs #565
my name is lisa - Short film by Shelton Films #572
My Ex Wife - Animated vlog by Some Grey Bloke #579
Cribs - Animated TV show parody by Ascent Media #586
Queen's Christmas Message - By The British Monarchy #593
Crush On Obama - Song by Barley Political #607
Corey Delaney, Party Liaison - TV news item by A Current Affair #614
Tom Cruise Scientology - Promo video by Church of Scientoloogy #621
Barack Obama: Stand for Change in Las Vegas - Campaign speech #628
Faen! - Educational film by Lasse Gjertsen #635
On S'Embrasse? - Short film by Pierre Oliver #642
Google Maps - Comedy by The Vacationeers #649
Instant Kiwi ad - By Saatchi & Saatchi NZ #656
Jon Stewart Oscar monologue - From 80th Annual Academy Awards #663
Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!' - Animation by Simon Tofield #670
Late Show Top Ten List: Eliot Spitzer - From the Late Show with David Letterman #677
Queen Will Leave Behind Long Legacy Of Waving - By The Onion #684
China/Tibet - By fp00n #698
Family Violence It's Not OK - Anti violence TV campaign by Te Punanga Haumaru #712
Opening a jar with one hand - Instructional video by Captain Danger #726
How to spin a pencil - Instructional video by PDave6 #733
Social Injustice - By Tokyo Comedy #740
Gay er Blind - TV blooper from KOAT #747
Elevator Comments - By Runaway Box #754
How To Learn To Speak GOOD Japanese FAST - Advice from Hikosaemon #761
Kindergarten memories - Vlog by Michael Buckley #768
Teaching English in China - Talk by Peter Hessler #775
Queen of Jordan - Speaking at Zeitgeist08 #782
Invading New Zealand - Ads by The Gruen Transfer #789
School of Life - Short film by Jake Polonsky #796
Counting in Māori - Educational song by Māori Language.net #803
Wrong side of the bed - Short film by Daniel Lucchesi #815
Life Lessons with Jon Lajoie #822
Blood and Chips - Short film by Ryan Phillips #829
What Is Comedy? - By Francesco Marciuliano and Sara Benincasa #836
Masturbation Lesson - Clip from TV show Weeds #843
GAS CRISIS: Interviews - By mom4education #850
I'm Sorry - ESL classroom song by Sunil Mahtani #857
South Pacific Scene - By MyMyMichael #864
Falling Slowly wins Best Original Song - Oscar speech #871
Obama wins, McCain loses - Post election speeches 2008 #878
Comment on gay marriage - Clip from TV show Countdown with Keith Olbermann #885
Crackers - By abu1abu2abu3abu4abu5 (video no longer available) #899
Jack And The B Stalk - Clip from TV show Sesame Street #906
Declaration of Human Rights - Animation by Human Rights Action Center #913
Afraid of Black Guys? - By Maurice Rucker #920
51 things in my room - By Tonyo Times #931
Marry Me - Short film by Michelle Lehman #938
The Birth (video no longer available) - By Lazydork #945
Abilities - Documentary video by Arturo Perez Jr. #952
Death and Taxes - Ad by H&R Block #959
Free Doritos - Ad by Doritos #966
Rhys Darby Stand Up - Clip from performance in 2000 #973
Dustin Lance Wins Original Screenplay - Oscar speech #980
Homophones - ESL video by Rachel's English #987
Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take - By University of York Filmmaking Society #994
Realizations, Movie Debate - By Jake & Amir #1001
Hardly Working: Punctuation Recession - By College Humor #1008
In, On, Under - ESL song by Busy Beavers #1015
Storm - Poem by Tim Minchin #1022
Susan Boyle Audition - Clip from TV show Britain's Got Talent #1029
We Didn't Start the Flame War - Song by College Humor #1036
Hurricane - Music video by Alex Valentine #1043
Potato Pals At The Park - Song/book for children by Patrick Jackson #1050
Larry King - Interview for TIME Magazine #1057
Ellen DeGeneres at Tulane's 2006 Commencement #1064
Grammar Police - By Smosh #1071
What is a Browser? - Street interviews by Ji Lee #1078
Philosophical Bouncer - By College Humor #1085
Authors@Google: Michael Lewis #1092
2degrees ad with Rhys Darby #1099
Always Blow On The Pie - Clip from TV show Police Ten 7 #1104
Live chat with Adam and Tim - Actors from TV show Shortland Street #1111
Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of Shit That Doesn't Fucking Work - By The Onion #1114
Two Cars, One Night - Short film by Taika Waititi #1121
The Chanukah Story: Why Jews Celebrate Miracles - By G-dcast #1128
Haiti Earthquake Update - By American Red Cross #1144
The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV #1151
Charlie Brooker's How to Report the News - By the BBC #1158
Parisian Love - Google Search promo by Google #1165
The Happiness Challenge Week One - By Gretchen Rubin #1172
Bud Light Commercial "Rock Paper Scissors" #1179
NZ Cricket ad #1186
NZ Marmite Ad #1193
Interview with Radar - By NZ On Screen #1200
Biden F-Bomb - CNN news clip #1207
Robin Williams on Letterman #1214
Mark Paston Interview - By YUSS #1221
Q&A: Joshua Littman interviews mother - By StoryCorps #1228
Authors@Google: Travis Millard #1236
New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products - By The Onion #1243
The Man Your Man Could Smell Like - Ad by Old Spice #1250
How Maui slowed the Sun - By Peter Gossage #1257
Hardly Working: Jinx - By College Humor #1264
Jake and Amir: Record Breaker - By College Humor #1271
Tales Of Mere Existence: Project - By AgentXPQ #1278
First Day Of School Tips - By Michael Buckley #1285
Voice Talkers - By POYKPAC Comedy #1292
Build-A-Word: Shoe - By Word World PBS #1299
Colin Mathura-Jeffree: Write Your List - By Rattle Ya Dags #1306
Ngahi Bidois: Be who you want to be - By Rattle Ya Dags #1313
Flight Of The Conchords - Clip from TV show The Simpsons #1320
Grover Stars in "Smell Like A Monster" - By Sesame Street #1327
Paul Henry: Is Governor-General a NZer? - Clip from TV show Breakfast #1334
Bedtime Story - Short film by Bryan Amburgey #1341
Lightning Versus Lightening - By Grammar Girl #1348
Want to see Bon Jovi live in concert 2013 - Animation by slipgal2 #1355
Invisible Mindy Kaling - Ad by Nationwide#1396
Crafting a Joke with Isy Suttie - By the Open University#1403
Do you have any suggestions for videos to study? Please leave a comment under a video or contact us.
Thank you to everyone who has recommended videos so far.