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The Daily English Show was produced at Acadia University from from Show 495 Monday 10th September 2007 to Show 541 Friday 26 October 2007. Find out more here.
Back in Japan, we continued to feature Acadia on Thursdays, in a segment called The Acadia Report.
The Acadia Report featured interviews filmed by students who were studying English at Acadia University. We also introduced events, activities that were happening at the university and in the Wolfville/Nova Scotia area. The first report was on Show 822.
Here is a list of the shows which featured The Acadia Report: 
1Show 822Election signs - 2007 Acadia Students' Union elections
2Show 829Acadia signs
3Show 836Residence: Tully (Whitman House)
4Show 843Residence: Chase Court
5Show 850Residence: Christofor Hall
6Show 857Residence: Christa Bowes, Senior RA, Christofor Hall and Eaton House
7Show 864Residence: Keri McCullum, Senior RA, Dennis House
8Show 871Residence: Lindsay Joseph, RA, Dennis House
9Show 878Homecoming parade
10Show 885Wolfvile mudflats evening view
11Show 899Student interviews: What are you going to do on the Christmas break?
12Show 906Student interviews: What’s your favourite place to study?
13Show 913Student interviews: What do you want to do when you finish university?
14Show 920Student interviews: Is it better to have brothers and sisters or to be an only child?
15Show 931Student interviews: Tell me about a good movie you’ve seen recently.
16Show 938Student interviews: What’s your favourite book?
17Show 945Student interviews: Do you prefer living on campus or off campus?
18Show 952Student interviews: Do you prefer living on campus or off campus? Part 2
19Show 959Acadia Students’ Union General Election 2009
20Show 966Ron James On Wolfville
21Show 973The Acadia Farm
22Show 980Vaughan Memorial Library online tutorials
23Show 987Acadia Centre for International Languages - Introduction video
24Show 994The Beer Window - kinesiology research
25Show 1001News: Movie filmed at Acadia University (Amelia - release date: 23 Oct 2009)
26Show 1008The Wolfville Farmers Market
27Show 1015The Copper Meadow, Marie Jardine (Local artist)
28Show 1022News: Acadia has a new president, Ray Ivany
29Show 1029125th celebration of Acadia Women
30    Show 1036Snowball Formal
Playlist of shows featuring The Acadia Report:
Playlist of videos introduced on The Acadia Report: