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#546 Tofino, Oscar the Grouch
Back to Japan 2007
Day 5: Tofino

Today the pouring rain killed our sightseeing plans so I decided to make a dash for the shops and find someone to interview.
The first shop I went into turned out to be very cool and the woman working there was really nice.
She said she was born and raised in Tofino and the shop was owned by her husband’s parents.

A lot of everything in here is native-made, from the area, the masks, the basketry, the jewelry. There’s ... there’s so much stuff in here.

I asked her what she liked about Tofino and she said she liked being close to nature.

I still go to the beach all the time and I still say to myself, “I just love it.” Like I, I go running on the beach all the time and I just ... like it’s like therapy for me.

She said the Tofino had changed a lot over the last 30 years.

When I was little, like growing up here when I was little, I used to know everybody and now, like I, in the summer especially, I walk down the street and I don’t know anybody, I can’t … some people you can pick out, like you’re not from here, but, like, a lot of people like – do I know them? I don’t know them. They don’t know me. Like I feel like when I go out, if I go out at night or anything, I don’t know anybody. It’s kind of scary.

I asked her why she thought Tofino was such a popular tourist destination.

Again I think it has to do with the beauty and the activities to do here. Just a lot of people ... I don’t know, just to get away from the city, the crazy life, a lot of people come here to go to the beaches, like we have so many beaches, and trails, there’s kayaking, surfing, a lot of people come here to surf. It’s a really big, popular sport here.

In the evening we saw some trick-or-treaters out the window. Then we went to the bottle store and saw Oscar the Grouch. Very cool costume.

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