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#1434 Mojito

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I have a mint plant which is doing reasonably well, so I thought I'd try making a mojito.
First I picked some mint leaves and washed them.
Then I washed a lime and cut it into four pieces.

I put the mint into a glass with one piece of lime. Then I used this thing to crush them. This is a muddler. I bought it just to make this drink.
And this is called muddling. According to the internet, it's important not to over-muddle the mint or it won't taste as good.
This was my first attempt at muddling, so my technique possibly still needs work.

Next, I added a tablespoon of sugar and two more lime wedges. And I muddled some more.
Then I filled up the glass with ice. And added some rum.

Finally I added some soda water and stirred.

I coated the rim of the glass with lime. Then I garnished the drink with the final lime wedge and a little sprig of mint.

It was very tasty.
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