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#1432 Kavalier Calm, Attached At The Hip, A Bee In Your Hand, Blackboards From 1917
Hi, I'm Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

Today we're studying a song called "The Only Two Options" by Kavalier Calm.

Kavalier Calm is The People's Bard on YouTube, and Reddit and Kavalier Calm on Sound Cloud and Twitter. He's all over the internet. And I really love what he does. He writes poems and songs for people, such as this one, The Only Two Options.

The song was a response to a post on reddit. Someone posted an image using overly attached girlfriend in the advice animals subreddit. If you're thoroughly confused by that last sentence, please check the script for today's show - we link to everything.

Kavalier Calm's song starts like this:

Me and my girl are attached at the hip;
we ain't so good for each other, but we can't quit.

Attached at the hip is an idiom which means that two people spend a lot of time together so it seems like they're always together. You can also say joined at the hip or inseparable.

The end of the song goes like this:

So we better figure it out, baby,
'cause an early grave don't sound good to me

Can you guess what an early grave is?
An early grave means a premature or untimely death.

If you live until you're 85 and then you die of heart attack, then you probably wouldn't call that an early grave. But if you were killed in your 20s by your crazy lover, then that could definitely be described as an early grave.

Kia ora in Stick News today contractors doing renovations at a school in the US discovered blackboards that have been untouched for almost one hundred years.

Emerson High School in Oklahoma City recently hired contractors to install new whiteboards and smartboards.
When the contactors removed the old blackboards, they discovered another set of boards underneath.
The blackboards hadn't been touched since 1917.
The old boards contained lessons about maths, reading, music, handwriting, personal hygiene, pilgrims, and God.

And that was Stick News for Friday the 19th of June.
Kia ora.
A teacher looking annoyed and brushing chalk dust off her dress.
It's 2015, why are we still using chalk?
Two men, one is holding a hammer.
Those lazy bastards didn't even rub everything off.
Dude, this is history!
A teacher giving the class instructions.
Mwahaha, less work for me today.
OK class, today we're studying history. Copy everything on the board.
A teacher looking unimpressed.
Wow, that's amazing, they celebrated Thanksgiving way back in 1917!

Word Of The Day logo

Today's word is destined.

This is from today's song:

Some love is destined to be full of pain;
but both parties want it just the same.

Destined is an adjective you can use when something seems certain to happen.

For example, here's a headline from The Telegraph:

The MP candidates who are destined to fail

The article's about candidates who the author says are certain to fail.

Friday Joke logo

A girl asking a boy a question.
If you have a bee in your hand, what do you have in your eye?
A boy asking a girl a question.
A boy and a girl talking.
A boy looking confused, a girl smiling.
A boy looking confused, a girl smiling.
I don't get it. Beauty ... why?
A girl laughing very hard, a boy smiling.
Because beauty is in the eye of the bee holder.
A boy saying: I don't get it. 

Conversations With Sarah logo

Juliette: What did you say this park was called?

Sarah: Cornwall Park.

Juliette: Is this suburb called Cornwall?

Sarah: No, Cornwall's a place in England. And this park is named after the Duke & Duchess of Cornwall. They're some royals from England who visited Auckland in the early 19 hundreds.

Juliette: Is there a playground here?

Sarah: Yeah, there is. It's not technically in Cornwall Park. It's in One Tree Hill Domain.

Juliette: Isn't that the same thing?

Sarah: No. They're right next to each other though.

Juliette: What's the difference?

Sarah: They're run by different groups. Cornwall Park's managed by the Cornwall Park Trust and One Tree Hill Domain is run by the Auckland Council.

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ESL Video Quiz: #1432 Comprehension
And that was The Daily English Show.
We're planning to film outside of the studio on location somewhere in Auckland on Fridays from now on.
Let you know if you have any suggestions for where you think we should film. Maybe on the beach, on top of a hill.
What do you think?
See you tomorrow. Bye!
Today's ending shot was filmed driving through Cornwall Park, Auckland, New Zealand on Saturday 30th May 2015.
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Published: Friday 19 June 2015