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#1428 Nashville, On Her Radar, Co Actually Means With, Bingo Player Arrested, Y'all
Hi, I'm Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today we're studying scene from a TV show called Nashville. This is a show that I really enjoy. It's been going for three seasons so far and it's been renewed for a fourth season.
The show is an American musical drama about country singers in Nashville, Tennessee.
In the scene we're studying two singers - Juliette Barnes and Rayna Jaymes - are on a plane together with their managers and staff. They're working together but they don't particularly like each other.
And Rayna's manager is telling her that the president of a record company is interested in working with her. He says: "She wants your next five records. Wrong Song got you back on her radar. She loves what you did with it."
Radar is a system which sends out radio waves to detect things like planes and ships.

It comes from "radio detection and ranging".
So you might be able to guess what the idiom "be on someone's radar" means. If something is on someone's radar it means that it's among the things being considered by someone.
Rayna's manager Bucky says: "Wrong Song got you back on her radar." Wrong Song is the name of a song. He's saying: she was impressed by the song, it made her notice you and be interested in you.
There are other idioms using radar. You can say that something has dropped off the radar or has fallen off the radar. Those both mean that something has been forgotten or ignored.
When the other singer in the plane, Juliette, hears Bucky talking about this, she says: "We co-wrote it. Co means two."
And Rayna says: "Co actually means with."
Rayna is right, co is a prefix which means with or together with.

Kia ora in Stick News today an 82-year-old man was arrested after he slashed the tyres of a fellow bingo player.
Fred Smith is a bingo player who lives in Florida in the United States.
Last Monday when Fred arrived at his weekly bingo game he saw that an 88-year-old woman called Ethel was sitting in his favourite seat.
Fred stormed out of the bingo hall and slashed Ethel's tyres with an ice pick.
Unfortunately for Fred, the crime was caught on surveillance cameras.
Fred has now been banned from bingo and it's likely he'll have to pay $500 in damages and restitution.
And that was Stick News for Monday the 1st of June.
Kia ora.
A man frowning and crossing his arms.
A very angry man with a red face and steam coming out of his ears.
An old man bending over and slashing a car tyre with an ice pick.
Ow, my back!
A grumpy old man, frowning, with his arms crossed.
Back in my day, we didn't have all these darn cameras everywhere!
A sad old man with a single tear on his face.
What am I going to do on Mondays?

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Today's word is y'all. Sounds very strange when I say that because we don't say y'all in New Zealand.
Y'all is a contraction of you all and it's a second-person pronoun. So, if you're saying you to two or more people, you can say y'all.
For example, instead of saying: Would you like a drink?
You can say: Would y'all like a drink?
But y'all isn't used everywhere. It's particularly used in the Southern United States. And Wikipedia says it's also used in a few other places, such as in South African Indian English. Here's a map showing y'all usage in the US.
Nashville is in Tennessee, which is one of the Southern states, so people on this show say y'all a lot.
Such as in this scene when Juliette says: "When we're on stage, y'all act like I don't even exist."

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Bucky: She wants your next five records. Wrong Song got you back on her radar. She loves what you did with it.
Juliette: We co-wrote it. Co means two.
Rayna: Co actually means with.
Juliette: Why is she on my plane? Oh right, cause she can't afford her own.
Rayna: I'm three feet away from you. I can hear you.
Juliette: Can you? That's interesting, cause when we're on stage, y'all act like I don't even exist.

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ESL Video Quiz: #1428 Comprehension
And that was The Daily English Show.
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See you tomorrow. Bye!
Today's ending shots were filmed at Barry Curtis Park in Auckland on 6th February 2012 at the Waitangi Day festival.
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Published: Monday 1 June 2015