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#1406 Chocolate Banana Ice Cream

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Today I'm going to show you how I make chocolate ice cream from frozen bananas.
You need some bananas, a container and a chopping board or two. I usually cut the skins off on one chopping board and then cut the banana in half on another board. This is because I think there might be some pesticides on the banana skins ... but I don't know if it's really necessary. These bananas are perfectly ripe - nice and brown on the outside, but not rotten on the inside. If the bananas aren't going brown, then I don't think they're sweet enough.
The great thing about brown bananas, is that you can often get them really cheaply at vegetable shops. Then you buy a whole lot, cut them up and freeze them and you'll always have frozen bananas for smoothies and banana ice cream.
When you're ready to eat some ice cream. Take a few bananas out of the freezer. I recommend making just enough ice cream that you want to eat in one go because it doesn't taste that great refrozen. Although you can just throw it in a smoothie next time which is what I did after making this actually.
Slice the bananas. This is to make it a bit easier for the food processor. My food processor doesn't actually work if I put the frozen bananas in without cutting them. The blade pops up and the middle thing keeps spinning around by itself.
Mix the bananas using the pulse button at first. Then when they're cut up a bit, just keep mixing.
When it starts looking ice creamy, take the lid off and add some cocoa and vanilla essence. Then mix it a bit more.
And that's it.
You can eat it however you like to eat ice cream. Put some in a cone or a little bowl.
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Published: Sunday 15 March 2015