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#1398 Auckland's New Electric Train Launch
Last year I went to an event to celebrate the launch of Auckland's new electric trains.
At the event, I saw bouncy castles, a photo booth, fairies blowing bubbles, human railway crossings who were giving out stickers, a DJ dressed up like a train conductor, and a woman dressed in blue giving out cardboard trains.
I saw some people getting their faces painted. So I decided to get my face painted too.
Wow, thank you!
And I rode on one of the new electric trains.
My ticket was for 3:30pm so I got an orange wristband.
While I was waiting for the train a woman from the future told us about the new trains.
Welcome to the future of transport. Step aboard the latest in train technology.
For your own personal safety, please keep clear of the doors at all times.
The train went from Britomart to Newmarket.
Hello, hello, hello!
At Newmarket Station, people got out and took pictures.
After about eight minutes at the station, we got back on the train and returned to Britomart.
We hope you enjoyed the future of rail travel. Please exit via the Britomart escalators.
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track: Nothing In The Dark  by: Josh Woodward  licence: CC BY 3.0

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Published: Saturday 7 March 2015