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#1395 Study English With Lyrics, Kanye Interrupts Again, Compliment or Complement?
Hi, I'm Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
On Wednesdays we study a mistake and today's mistake comes from a sign I saw when I was visiting someone in hospital.
The sign says: "FLATEMATES WANTED". Can you spot the mistake?
Flatmates Wanted
There's an extra e in there. The person who made the sign actually spelt it correctly once in the notice.
A flatmate is someone you share a house with. In North America they call these roommates.

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Today I'd like to tell you about a site called Lyrics Training. I think it's a fun way to study English especially if you love music.
It's basically a listen and fill in the gaps exercise. So you choose a song that you want to study, and then choose a level - beginner, intermediate, advanced or expert - I recommend starting off with beginner. Then listen to the song and fill in the gaps.
Please go and check it out and tell me what you think.
Kia ora in Stick News today, Kanye West interrupted another awards ceremony.
Kanye West is a 37-year-old American rapper.
At an awards ceremony in 2009 Kanye jumped on the stage and grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift in the middle of her acceptance speech.
This year at the Grammy's he jumped on stage again - this time while Beck was accepting an award.
Kanye walked off the stage making the stunt appear to be a joke.
But later on he said that Beck should have given the award to Beyoncé.
And that was Stick News for Wednesday 4th of March.
Kia ora.
Well, Wikipedia says he's 37 ...
Are you sure? I could've sworn he was still in kindergarten.
"Kanye West" "Taylor Swift"
Oh god Kanye, not again.
Oh, baby ... please stop talking.

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Today's word is compliment.
Or should that be an e?
How do you spell compliment?
Actually they are two different words with two different meanings but the same pronunciation.
A compliment with an i is: an expression of praise or admiration.
You have a beautiful voice.
I like your shirt.
And a complement with an e is: a thing that adds new qualities to sth in a way that improves it or makes it more attractive.
One way to remember if you need compliment with an i or an e ... is when you compliment someone with an i, you often begin with i.
I like your dress.
I like your shoes.
I like your phone.
I like your style.
Last October this appeared in my mailbox along with the usual mountain of junk mail. And I thought it was an interesting idea.
We trick or treat Sorry no trick or treating
It's a notice to put up to let people know if you don't mind people trick or treating at your house. "We trick or treat" or "Sorry, no trick or treating". I'm not sure how necessary it is because trick or treating isn't very common in New Zealand, but clearly some people do it.
Anyway, on the bottom here, it says "with compliments" - and then it has the details of a real estate company.
What does with compliments mean? Does it mean this company will visit you and tell you how much they like your new hairstyle?
No. With compliments means that something is free or a gift.

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title: What's the best compliment you've ever received?
James What's the best compliment you've ever received?
Sarah Well, I don't know about the best ever, but recently someone said that I was bright, which I thought was nice.
James Bright as in intelligent?
Sarah No, bright as in cheerful. How about you? Have you had any nice compliments recently?
James Yeah, actually, today someone said that they liked my t-shirt.
Sarah That is a cool. The colour really suits you.
James Thank you.
Sarah You're welcome.

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And that was The Daily English Show. See you tomorrow. Bye!
Here's a video of a man using the word compliment many times.
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Published: Wednesday 4 March 2015