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#1354 Science Networks, Phones For Hotel Keys, Malleable, Why Does Time Fly?
Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.

I picked up a free newspaper the other day and I saw an ad for an organization called Crimestoppers.

Can you see what the mistake is in this ad?

Yes, information has a p instead of an o.

Can you guess how they made that mistake? I think it’s probably because p is next to o on a keyboard and they accidentally typed the wrong key, and then of course no one checked the ad.

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Today I’d like to tell you about a site called Science Networks.

This site has videos from a science program on Spanish TV that have been adapted for an English-speaking audience – so the parts that are in Spanish have English subtitles.

Thank you to Conchi – I hope I’m saying your name right - from Madrid who recommended this site.

The site has videos on some really interesting topics. Here are a few from the Brain and Mind section:

Being happy is a matter of willpower
What is time?
Learning to cook made us human


Kia ora in Stick News today a hotel in Sweden is providing their guests with telephones instead of keys.

The Clarion hotel is running a four month pilot test with mobile phones equipped with NFC technology.
Guests will be able to check-in, check-out and open their room door using a mobile phone. 

And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 3rd of November.
Kia ora.

A woman in an office asks her boss to sign a document.
NFC? What’s that ? some kind of fast food?
We just need your signature, boss.

A man struggles to use his phone to open his hotel room door.
Hello? Door? Can you hear me? I said, “OPEN!”
Um, I don’t think it works like that.
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Word of the Day 

Today’s word is malleable.

One of the videos on Science Networks is about how we perceive time.

And they say that time is a highly malleable cerebral construction.

Cerebral means about the brain and malleable means: (of people, ideas etc) easily influenced or changed.

So they mean that how we think about time – whether it’s passing quickly or slowly - is easily influenced.


conversations with sarah
#871 Why does time fly?

Step 1: Repeat Darlene’s lines.
Step 2: Read Darlene’s lines and talk to Sarah.

Darlene Why does time fly when you’re having fun?

Sarah I guess it’s because you’re really focused on what you’re doing so you’re not watching the clock.

Darlene And you check the time more when you’re bored.

Sarah Yeah. Or when you’re not enjoying what you’re doing.
ESL Video Quiz: #1354 Vocab


And that was The Daily English Show. Thank you for watching and if you’d like to subscribe to the show as a podcast, and you haven’t already, please go to this page to find our more.
See you tomorrow. Bye!
malleable - forvo
keyboard photo by: Remko van Dokkum
clock photo by: Ell Brown

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