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#1353 Bono & My Ex, Slag Someone Off, Organism Vs Orgasm, Capacity
Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Today we’re studying a short film called BONO & MY EX. This is a short film made in Ireland. And at the start of the film, these words come onto the screen:

A city of 1.6 million people...
and roughly 4.3 billion Bono stories.

Bono – if you don’t already know - is a famous singer who’s from Dublin, he’s in the band U2. So I guess almost everyone in Dublin has a story about Bono – about the time that they met him, or saw him, or maybe they know someone who knows someone who knows him or met him.
And in the film a guy tells a story about how his ex-girlfriend rang him and told him that she’d met Bono in a restaurant.

He says: I didn’t really expect to hear from her cos, you know, we hadn’t talked to each other in ages.

Ages is an informal word for a very long time.

His ex-girlfriend is a big U2 fan and he says: I used to always slag her because she was always a bit too into U2.

Slag is an informal word which means criticize. In NZ it’s usually slag someone off. And in my dictionary it says British so I’m not sure whether or not it’s used in North America.

So anyway, his girlfriend meets Bono at the restaurant and you’ll have to go and watch the film to see what happens at the end.

Committee structures were being discussed at a council meeting in Timaru.
Cr Steve Earnshaw said he wanted committee structures reviewed in six months time.
Cr Richard Lyon then said: It's an ongoing thing and a living beast. It's an ongoing orgasm.
He meant to say organism.
The Timaru Herald reported that his mistake will likely be remembered as the climax of the meeting.
And that was Stick News for Tuesday the 2nd of November.
Kia ora.
A man and a womam looking bored and sleepy at a meeting.
A man and a womam looking very bored and sleepy at a meeting.
A woman laughing very hard.
A man smiling and typing on a laptop.
He he … climax, good one!

Word of the Day
Today’s word is capacity.
In the film, the girl says to Bono: I think your songs are amazing. Their capacity to touch people is just incredible.
Capacity means: the ability or power to do something.
For example: His capacity for learning languages astonished me.
conversations with sarah
#870 You talked about everything?
Step 1: Repeat the guy’s lines..
Step 2: Read the guy’s lines and talk to the girl.
Guy And what did you say?
Girl Well, we talked about you.
Guy Me?
Girl Well, about us.
Guy You talked about everything?
Girl Everything. You know, how we met, the good times the bad times, how we broke up.
Guy And, ah, what did he say?
ESL Video Quiz: #1353 Vocab
And that was The Daily English Show. Remember, if you go to thedailyenglishshow.blogspot.com you can see the script for today’s show and you can also see the script for the short film we studied today. See you tomorrow. Bye!
My ex rang me there the other morning
… and I really didn’t expect to hear from her cos, you know, we hadn’t talked to each other in ages.
Yeah, it has been ages.
And, ah, anyway we were chatting for a few minutes and she eventually got around to the real reason why she was ringing.
And she was out for lunch, ah, on her own during the week and it was that bit after the lunch rush, so the place was empty, until one other guy walks in and sits down.
And she was kind of looking at him for a few minutes and she realizes, holy shit, it’s Bono.
And, you know, I used to always slag her cause she was always a bit, she was always a bit too into U2, you know. And so she was sitting there and she was nervous and, and all that. But anyway she built up enough courage and she went over to him.
Ah, sorry, hi, I’m sorry to bother you, we’re the only two people here – do you mind if I join you?
And he said yeah, he’d be happy to have her company.
I’m a huge fan.
And there she was, having lunch with Bono.
I think your songs are amazing, their capacity to touch people is just incredible.
And he said, you know, why do you like our songs so much?
She said that the big thing was that she found it really amazing that a song can really touch her and capture something you’re feeling at a certain time of your life and all that.
So Bono asks her which song in particular has touched her that way.
Ah, I think one, maybe, that really speaks to me.
So, he lowers his shades, looks at her straight in the eye, reaches his had over the table and puts it on top of her hand and says, “Who hurt you that much?”
Oh, well, look, it’s been ages, it’s stupid that I’m even talking about it.
And so I said, “And what did you say?”
Well, we talked about you.
Well, about us.
You talked about everything?
Everything. You know, how we met, the good times the bad times, how we broke up.
And, ah, ah, what did he say?
Bono thinks you’re a wanker too.
Bono & My Ex
Directed by Ross Whitaker

show start
artist: Kevin MacLeod
track: Future Cha Cha
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States
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artist: DJ iPep's
album: Home Mix 2007
track: Game Toy
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artist: Kevin MacLeod
track: The Jazz Woman
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track: A Puncture

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