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#1277 Existence Vs Existance, Irregular Verbs, Paper Fooled By Wikipedia, Partake
Hi, I’m Sarah, welcome to The Daily English Show.
Do you know how to spell existence/existance?
Should that be an or an a.
It should be an e.
How about occurrence/occuranceE or a?
E again.
And how about separate/seperate?
That should be an a.
I found a fun spelling test for common mistakes. And those were three of the words they tested.
It’s called the Twitter Spelling Test.
You can find that test here. So go and take the test and if you don’t get full marks, then please study that list of words.
click here
Something else which you may find useful is the Irregular Verb Dictionary on English Page.com.
That site has lots of useful pages for studying grammar.
In the Irregular Verb Dictionary there’s a list of irregular verbs that you probably studied at school … but you may be a bit rusty, if school was a long time ago.
For example:
begin began begun
blow blew blown
cut cut cut
drive drove driven
go went gone
By the way, how did or how do you learn irregular verbs? Do you just try to memorize a list? Or do you have a special method, like a chant or a song?
The Big Chill is an annual music festival held in England.
Apparently they got the information from Wikipedia.
The Wikipedia entry has since been corrected.
And that was Stick News for Wednesday the 18th of August.
Kia ora.

Pretty chill festival, eh?
Yeah. Let’s chill together.
Are you coming to the pub?
Yeah! Hang on a sec!
Wikipedia is my friend!
They used my edit!

I’d like a word with you in my office ... now.
Oh crap.
Word of the Day
Today’s word is partake.
This is a word from the list of irregular verbs:
partake, partook, partaken
Partake is a formal or old-fashioned word for joining in or taking part in an activity.
For example: They preferred not to partake in the social life of the town.
conversations with sarah
#817 What happened?
Step 1: Repeat Adriana’s lines.
Step 2: Read Adriana’s lines and talk to Sarah.
Sarah What happened?
Adriana I cutted my finger.
Sarah Really? How?
Adriana I was cooking.
Sarah Ow. It looks sore.
Adriana Oh, it’s not really. It’s just a small cut.
Sarah By the way, you should say, "I cut my finger".
Adriana Oh, that's right. Cut's irregular, isn't it?
Sarah Yeah.
Adriana Ah. I cut my finger. Thanks.
Sarah No worries.

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