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#1106 Auckland City - My New Neighbourhood
Today we took the camera into the city centre to show you a bit of our new neighbourhood.
This is the home of the radio station I always listen to. I'm thinking of hanging out on this corner so I can stalk my favourite announcers.
And this is the police station. They now provide the bgm for The Daily English Show.
This is Aotea Square. It used to be a really cool place to hang out ... but it's now being redeveloped, as you can see. Apparently it'll be finished next year.
There's a 100 yen shop in Queen Street. It's just the same as in Japan, except it's called a $3 shop and things cost $3.40. I love it how their sign says: high quality.
This is a famous theatre called The Civic.
We saw some cute Christmas displays in the window of a department store.
And a massive Santa with his face wrapped in bandages.
Recovering from plastic surgery, perhaps?
I think this crossing is one of the busiest crossings in New Zealand.
Not quite like Shibuya ...
We saw a guy skateboarding.
And a guy painting in the street. He attracted a bit of crowd.
We also saw a guy begging and a couple of people holding plastic bags up to their mouths. I don't remember seeing that in Auckland before.
We also saw a giant vacuum cleaner.
And a couple of sailors. They reminded me of Japanese school girls.
artist: Kevin MacLeod
tracks: Future Cha Cha, Backed Vibes (clean)
from: Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Published: Saturday 14 November 2009