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Question Time started on Show 1257 Thursday 29 July 2010. For Question Time, we take the camera to a different location each week to ask people a question.
Show 1257     Papakura, Auckland, NZ What's your favourite character on Outrageous Fortune?
Show 1264 Pukekohe, Auckland, NZ Are you planning to vote?
Show 1271 Hamilton, NZ What do you like about Hamilton?
Show 1278 Manurewa, Auckland, NZ Is there a fruit or a vegetable that you don’t like?
Show 1285 Clevedon, Auckland, NZ  When was the last time you did something for the first time in your life, and what was it? 
Show 1292 Manukau, Auckland, NZ What are your impressions of the new motorway?
Show 1299 Manukau, Auckland, NZ Do you have an emergency survival kit at home?
Show 1306 Queen St, Auckland, NZ Where are you from?
Show 1313 Newmarket, Auckland, NZ What are you wearing?
Show 1320 Mt Wellington, Auckland, NZ Do you find it difficult to adjust to daylight saving time?
Show 1327 Ruapehu, North Island, NZ Where are you from?
Show 1334 Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ Who are you most exited about seeing tonight?
Show 1341 Vector Arena, Auckland, NZ  What was the highlight of the night for you?
Do you have a suggestion for a question or a location for Question Time? 
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