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The Daily English Show travelled around the coast of New Zealand from 1-31 January 2011.
Watch the whole series from day one here:
We started uploading the tour videos from 1 April 2011
Show 1360 - before the trip.
Show 1361 - after the trip - the day before the tour started online.
Show 1362 - day 1.
Tour playlist - watch the whole tour from day 1.
You can watch the tour on dotSUB - and add captions in your language - great translation practice.
Some photos we uploaded to Facebook during the trip. 
We also posted updates to our Facebook page during the trip: http://www.facebook.com/thedailyenglishshow
We posted to Twitter when we upload a new video. Official tour hashtag #nzst2011
Tour Map
From day 1 to day 12 we travelled in a United 2 Premier Motorhome. Look inside our motorhome here.
From day 12 to day 31 we travelled in a United 2 + 1 Premier Motorhome
Thank You
Thank you to everyone who helped make this tour possible, especially the staff at United Campervans for organising our accommodation and transport. 
Thank you to all the people who talked to us on camera and to the people who helped organize the interviews and activities.
Thank you to everyone we stayed with along the way for the incredible hospitality and delicious food. 
And thank you so much to everyone who is helping spread the word about the series! 
Jim Mora and Nicole McCarthy talked about the series on Radio New Zealand National Afternoons With Jim Mora on Tuesday 5 April (from 7:15)
Tourism New Zealand featured the series in its February 2011 Japanese newsletter.
Scoop published a press release about the series in March 2011.
Mentioned on: Opunakenz.co.nz and The Raglan Website.
We'd love to hear your feedback about the tour series! Please comment or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Full list of tour shows + transcripts