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On Wednesdays we study a mistake on The Daily English Show.
We study a variety of mistakes, including: common mistakes, mistakes from writing that viewers send us for this purpose, mistakes we notice online or on signs we've seen. Error Correction Day / Wednesday Mistake started on Show 448. Here's a list of the mistakes we've studied so far:
Show 448 (the) Japanese culture, holds/is holding, to/too Email
Show 455 I went to shopping. X (I went shopping.) Common mistake
Show 462 might had happened X (might have happened) Email
Show 469 I went to a live. X (I went to a gig.) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 476 Are you strong with alcohol? X (Can you drink a lot?) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 483 different from/different than (standard, non-standard) tdes
Show 497 Thank-you. X Thank you. (hyphens) Sign (Canada)
Show 504 How was work? Normal. X OK./Alright/Not too bad. Sarah's student (Brazil)
Show 511 I have ever … X (I have … ) Common mistake
Show 518 It is very convenience. X (It is very convenient.) Common mistake
Show 525 you're/your etc Email
Show 532 "Mistakes" that aren't mistakes: visit with English dialects
Show 539 vain, vane, vein Site: Common Errors in English
Show 557 needle restaurant, welcme, reservations excepted Signs, brochures
Show 564 snowborder X (snowboarder) Magazine (Japan)
Show 571 inter net X (internet) Flyer (Japan)
Show 578 No Smorking. X (No smoking) Website (Japan)
Show 585 The taste was good. X (It tasted good.) Email
Show 592 The price is not expensive. X (It's not expensive.) Common mistake
Show 606 The furnitures are nice. X (The furniture is nice.) Common mistake
Show 613 We did two stays. X (We stayed for two nights.) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 620 cue/queue Spelling
Show 662 everyday vs every day Common mistake
Show 669 I'm waiting. X (I'll see you then.) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 676 heater vs stove Common mistake (Japan)
Show 683 I play snowboarding. X (I do snowboarding.) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 690 Do you know where is the post office? X (the P.O. is?) Common mistake
Show 697 I should of gone to the party. X (should have) Common mistake (native)
Show 704 a ten-year-old girl / ten years old Common mistake
Show 711 a vs the Common mistake
Show 725 a vs the Common mistake
Show 732 the Common mistake
Show 739 my company X (the company I work for) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 746 gonna (when to use) Common mistake
Show 753 catsup (not a mistake) Label
Show 760 How was your weekend? - how to answer Common mistake
Show 767 few vs a few Book: Common Mistakes in Eng
Show 774 hard vs hardly Common mistake
Show 781 before vs ago Common mistake
Show 788 in vs later Common mistake
Show 795 room vs a room Vocab
Show 802 for vs since Video
Show 814 so vs such Common mistake (Europe)
Show 821 Please identify with security. Signs (Venezuela)
Show 828 the letter T Writing
Show 835 wear (noun/verb) Common mistake (Japan)
Show 842 McCain did awesome. Sarah Palin (US politician)
Show 849 throw at vs throw to Internet comment
Show 856 I know him since ... X (I have known him since ... ) Forum
Show 863 I went to my part-time job. X (unnatural) Teacher's video (Japan)
Show 870 How do you do?  (old fashioned or UK) Common mistake
Show 877 a/the president Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 884 in these days, in late last night X (no in) Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 891 Annoying phrases Newspaper column
Show 898 nasty fantasies (strange English) Sweatshirt (Japan)
Show 905 I hurted right forefinger deeply. X (hurt) Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 912 My weight is getting up. X Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 919 a foggetable success X Website (Singapore)
Show 930 I'm caught cold. X Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 937 be ware X (beware) Sign (Japan)
Show 944 PeperCap X (Paper Cup) Sign (Japan)
Show 951 in New Year's day X (on New Year's Day) Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 958 play kendo X (do kendo) Blog entry (lang-8)
Show 965 quite vs quiet Vocab
Show 972 excetions X (exceptions) Sign (United States)
Show 979 staff (pronunciation) Speech (Japanese speaker)
Show 986 it's vs its (contraction/possessive) Common mistake / Video
Show 993 infomation X (information) Sign (Japan)
Show 1007 ool/pool (not a mistake) Sign
Show 1014 botel/bottle Menu (Japan)
Show 1021 compliment/complement tdes script
Show 1028 kitchen/chicken Common mistake / Video
Show 1035 barrister/barista Newspaper ad (NZ)
Do you have a suggestion for a mistake to talk about on The Daily English Show? Please leave a comment under a video or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Would you like us to pick up a mistake from your writing or speaking? Please send an email with a piece of your writing, or a link to your blog or video. Thanks to everyone who has sent us suggestions so far.