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On Wednesdays in Click Here on The Daily English Show, we introduce an interesting site or resource for English learners.
Here are some more sites you may find useful:
ESL Links Pages and Directories
Study Materials, Resources
Urban Dictionary - Slang dictionary
Wikipedia - Free Encyclopedia
English Grammar Secrets - Grammar lessons
Breaking News English - Lesson plans, podcast
Babellum Project - Speaking practice
Forvo - Pronunciation guide
Howjsay - British male, Text to speech/speech synthesis
Rachel's English - American English pronunciation, videos with transcripts
English Central - Watch videos, record voice
Lang-8 - Blogging, correction, community
Twitter - Microblogging, community
Lil' Fingers - Storybooks - Children's books
Storyline Online - Children's books
Quizlet - flashcards
Wordia - Videos of people talking about words
Wordie - Make lists of words and phrases
Free Rice - Vocabulary quiz
English Grammar - Grammar lessons, exercises, rules
ESL News New Zealand - Read and listen to NZ news
Breaking News English - Lesson plans, podcast
The Bob and Rob Show - Archives only
Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - Listening lessons with quizzes
Entertonement - Soundbites with transcripts
ELLO - English Listening Lesson Library Online - Audio with transcripts and quizzes
For Children
Super Simple Songs - Songs and video
We Are Busy Beavers - Songs and video
Potato Pals - Books, songs, videos
ESL Video - Videos with quizzes
Rachel's English - American English pronunciation, videos with transcripts
eHow - How to videos with transcripts
Q & A - Long interviews with transcripts
Open Acadia - Study English at Acadia University
Acadia University - YouTube channel
The Onion - Fake news
Jake and Amir - Comedy
Big Picture TV - Environmental and social sustainability
English Grammar In Use - Grammar

Fiction in Action: Whodunit - Reading, free-to-share, pay-what-you-can

Free Rice - Vocabulary practice
Blogs By Teachers, Educators
Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and all that - Tokyo, Japan (Children)
E.W.Spider - Tokyo, Japan (Children)
ESL Global - Japan (English, Japanese)
Virtual=Real - California, US
English With Jennifer - United States
Lang-8 - Writing, correcting
Movies, TV Shows
The Daily Show - US political comedy, full episodes
Find An Online Teacher
For Educators
Classroom 2.0 - Social network for educators
Learning Systems
Study English Abroad
Acadia University - Study ESL and EAP at a Canadian university
New Zealand - list of English schools
Teach English 
Teaching jobs - list of sites to find teaching jobs
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