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Friday Joke

On Fridays we tell a joke on The Daily English Show. Click on a joke title and share the joke on your favourite social network. Click on the "I don't get it" picture to see the joke explanation.
We share the drawings from Friday Joke on Flickr. You're welcome to use them as long as you credit us.

#60 Sheep With No Legs

What do you call a sheep with no legs?
A cloud.
From Friday Joke on Show 953.

#59 Politicians Change Light Bulb

How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?
Two. One to change it and another one to change it back again.
From Friday Joke on Show 946.

#58 Angry Snow White

Why does Snow White often get angry with the seven dwarves?
Because of the way they greet her: “Hi ho, hi ho, hi ho”.
From Friday Joke on Show 939.

#57 Watches

What did the baby digital watch say to the mummy analogue watch?
Look Mum, no hands!
From Friday Joke on Show 932.

#56 Inlaws And Outlaws

What’s the difference between outlaws and in-laws?
Outlaws are wanted.
From Friday Joke on Show 921.