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#8 Talking Peanuts

A man walks into a bar and orders a beer. 
There are some peanuts in a bowl on the counter. 
They start talking to the man. 
“Hey, you’re looking pretty hot tonight,” they say. 
The man thinks it’s a bit weird that peanuts are talking to him. But he feels pretty good about being told he looks hot. 
He decides to play pool and goes over to the change machine to get some coins.
As he is getting the money, the machine says: “You suck at pool, bro. Why do you even bother? In fact, you suck at life.”
The man doesn’t feel good anymore. He thinks: “Man, something strange is going on in this bar. Maybe I’m hallucinating.”
So he goes up to the bar again and he says to the bartender: “What’s up with this bar tonight? First the peanuts starts talking to me and telling me I’m hot and now the change machine is telling me I suck! What’s going on?!”
“Well,” says the bartender. “The peanuts are complimentary and the change machine is out of order.” 
From Friday Joke on Show 541.