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#32 Three Wishes

Three boys were hanging out at the top of a cliff.
One of the boys saw a bottle and picked it up.
Suddenly a genie popped out of the bottle and said: “Thank you for releasing me from this ancient curse."
"If you jump off this cliff and call out whatever you desire, you will land safely in a boat in a bountiful pile of that which you named.”
Then the genie disappeared.
The boy thought for a while, then leapt off the cliff, calling, “GOLD”
And he landed in a boat full of gold.

The second boy thought for a while and then jumped off the cliff calling: “DIAMONDS”
And he landed in a boat full of diamonds.

The third boy was so excited that he forgot to think of anything to wish for and jumped off the cliff yelling, “WEEEEEE”.
From Friday Joke on Show 734.