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#120 Condescending

The man is annoyed that someone called him condescending.
He doesn't think it's true, he thinks he isn't condescending.
But then he explains what condescending means to his friend. She didn't ask him, he just assumed she wouldn't understand it.
Through this assumption, he has proved that he is, in fact, condescending. He assumes she wouldn't understand the the word because she's less intelligent than him.

It's funny because he's annoyed that someone thinks he's condescending, but in the next sentence he shows that he is condescending.
The fact that he is obviously unaware of this adds to the humour.

#119 If You Have A Bee In Your Hand

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder is a proverb which means that different people have different ideas of what is beautiful.

This joke is a play on the words beholder and bee holder, which sound the same.

If someone has a bee in their hand, they could be called a "bee holder". The joke is that they have beauty in their eye, because: "Beauty is in the eye of the bee holder" which sounds like: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

#118 The Last Thing My Grandpa Said To Me

"Kick the bucket" is an idiom which means "die".
For example: After Bob kicked the bucket his children all fought over his money.
Kick the bucket can also be used when someone kicks an actual bucket.
For example: Tom accidentally kicked the bucket and hurt his toe.
In the joke, at first it seems like the boy is using this phrase in this idiomatic sense. The girl thinks he is going to tell a touching story about the last thing his grandfather said before he died.
However, it turns out the boy meant "kick the bucket" in the literal sense. He says the thing his grandfather said before he kicked an actual bucket, not before he died.

#117 Job Interview Question: What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Honesty is often considered a strength, not a weakness.
However, Tina's reply: "I don't give a fuck what you think" is her honest opinion and it is a very rude and inappropriate thing to say in a job interview.
So, in this case, Tina's honesty is in fact a weakness.

#116 A Woman Gets On A Bus

The man on the bus seems concerned about the woman when he asks: "Are you OK?"
He seems kind and supportive when he encourages her to tell the bus driver off for insulting her. But then he insults her even more by thinking that her baby is a monkey.