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Click Here is on Wednesdays on The Daily English Show.
In this segment, Sarah talks about a site that is interesting or useful and (usually) has something to do with learning English. Click Here started on Show 753 Wednesday 4 June 2008.
Here is a list of the sites we have introduced so far:
Show 753 Free Rice
Show 760 Urban Dictionary
Show 767 howjsay and Expressivo (say.expressivo.com has changed to Ivona)
Show 774 Alexa
Show 781 Many Things
Show 788 ESL Video
Show 795 Real English
Show 814 Twitter
Show 821 Global Voices
Show 828 Many Things - Hangman Games
Show 835 Meddy Bemps - Writing Guide
Show 842 TED
Show 849 BBC - Learning English
Show 856 Let Them Sing It For You
Show 863 Capetown Declaration
Show 870 Forvo
Show 877 Lang-8
Show 884 Poisson Rouge - School of English
Show 891 Project Gutenberg
Show 898 GCast - The Daily English Show audio (www.gcast.com has closed)
Show 905 Radio New Zealand - Podcasts
Show 912 Elf Yourself (elfyourself.jibjab.com has closed, site now has a large range of eCards at JibJab)
Show 919 All Things Christmas - Dress The Snowman
Show 930 Ask Oxford - Puzzles and Games (quiz now expired)
Show 937 IDEA - International Dialects of English Archive
Show 944 Watch Me TV - Introducing TDES, TDES Channel
Show 951 Dilbert
Show 958 Looky Book (www.lookybook.com has closed, the site was founded by Craig Frazier)
Show 965 I Like Totally Love It
Show 972 People
Show 979 Wordia (wordia.com has closed, but videos are still on YouTube)
Show 986 Wordie (wordie.org was aquired by Wordnik)
Show 993 The "Blog" Of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks
Show 1007 OMGPOP (www.omgpop.com has closed, OMGPOP was acquired by Zynga, "Draw My Thing" became an app called Draw Something)
Show 1014 BBC - The Little Animals Activity Centre
Show 1021 CSpan - Q & A
Show 1028 Expert Village (www.expertvillage.com has closed, Expert Village was acquired by eHow)
Show 1035 ESL News New Zealand
Do you have a suggestion for a site to introduce on Click Here? Please leave a comment under a video or email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Thank you to everyone who has made suggestions so far.