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The Daily English Show was produced at Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada from Show 495 Monday 10th September to Show 541 Friday 26 October.
While we were at Acadia, we produced a segment called Asking Acadia. For this segment we asked several students on campus the same question. Here is a list of the Asking Acadia questions:
1 Why should people join your club? Show 498
2 What kind of music do you like? Show 503
3 Do you use MyPantry? Show 504
4 What do you think of the Axe? Show 505
5 Are you going to vote tomorrow? Show 510
6 Have you ever uploaded a video to the internet? Show 511
7 Do you know where the name Wolfville comes from? Show 512
8 What are you studying and why? Show 517
9 What do you think of the Tower? Show 518
10 Do you know what this word means? (Ambrosia) Show 519
11 What do you think of the death penalty? Show 525
12 Why did you choose Acadia? Show 526
Here's a playlist of all the shows featuring Asking Acadia: